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animepaperwallpapers_neon-genesis-evangelion_ned-suki16_2560x1600_89258I’m about to go home for a couple of weeks before departing for the exotic locale of Kyoto. Before that, though, it seems I’ve started rewatching some of the seminal classics of anime, starting with Neon Genesis Evangelion and Fushigi Yuugi.

You’d be surprised exactly how much an ending can make or beak an anime. As I began to rewatch Evangelion, I mentioned to my friends who I watched it with that how they felt about the anime would be almost completely colored by their feelings about its ending.They looked at me skeptically, as if I was telling them something kind of preposterous, especially since they were enjoying it so far.

But as the End of Evangelion ended last night at 2am, and Asuka uttered “Kimochi warui,” the looks on their faces said it all; they weren’t sure about whether they liked it or not. The truth is, they felt betrayed. They understood a good part of what was said, but on the whole, they didn’t feel like it provided the closure. This begs the question, though: is “closure” owed to us? Do all great animes even have “closure”?

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armored-core-4-3Playing Armored Core: for Answer and enjoying my mecha-simulation/nerd-time has lead me to an interesting question: which anime genre would you most like to see made into a sim?

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I’ve been busy the past two weeks. Between tests, class, and Persona 3, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been negligent of posting on the blog.

Consider this my turning of a new leaf, though. First of all, I’ve like to say how wonderful it is that so many people are actually involved in Animation Society this year. We’re an official organization under the University now, and ~if all goes well~ I think we can have an event very soon. I’ll run it by you guys at our next meeting on Wednesday, where we’ll be watching Shion no Ou (which is surprisingly good) and of course voting on the next showing, which will draw from the genre of mystery/supernatural. Look forward to it!

As I said in the first paragraph, though, I’ve been playing Persona 3, which I have to say has been one of the most amazing experiences of my gaming life. More after the jump. Read More »