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Your palette in Classic.

Normally, I grandstand about all things Japan or anime, but recently I’ve taken a liking to a video game that has very little to do with either, unless you take the fact that people make pixel art of Red Mages in the classic mode.

I’m talking about Minecraft.

This gem is by an indie developer by the name of Notch, and it couldn’t be more perfect for passing the time or playing with friends. Some of you may have even heard of it by way of Team Fortress 2 or some other channel, but the real experience isn’t the fun little Lego-esque mode found free on the site but the paid Alpha version.

While some may whine that I’m suggesting they pay for something they can get for free, let me say fervently that this is far from true. The game itself has changed fundamentally from the cute little block-stacker you once played into a, well, survival-horror Lego game for lack of a better genre. Yeah, you heard me.

If that’s not enough to sell you on it (you’re a really hard sell, aren’t you?), the game’s developer just released an update adding multiplayer functionality to the Alpha mode, so very soon you’ll be able to run from zombies and build fortresses to weather the epic nights in-game WITH FRIENDS!

Yeah, you know you’re sold. Plus, I’ve got a server for the alpha and you’re invited once Notch irons out the bugs and gives me the ability to ban you if I need to (don’t start fires and you’ll probably be fine). Just… play it, love it, buy it, and comment if you want to get in on the server when they release a couple more updates!


This weekend was amazing as far as movies go. First, my friends and I watched a couple of Asian films including “Old Boy” based on a manga by the same name about… well, revenge, if you get down to it, but its definitely not for the faint of heart or the conservative. That said, it was a masterful piece of cinema.

Another masterful piece of cinema, though, was… I’ll give you a hint:

Is that a new Eva pilot?

Is that a new Eva pilot?

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animepaperwallpapers_neon-genesis-evangelion_ned-suki16_2560x1600_89258I’m about to go home for a couple of weeks before departing for the exotic locale of Kyoto. Before that, though, it seems I’ve started rewatching some of the seminal classics of anime, starting with Neon Genesis Evangelion and Fushigi Yuugi.

You’d be surprised exactly how much an ending can make or beak an anime. As I began to rewatch Evangelion, I mentioned to my friends who I watched it with that how they felt about the anime would be almost completely colored by their feelings about its ending.They looked at me skeptically, as if I was telling them something kind of preposterous, especially since they were enjoying it so far.

But as the End of Evangelion ended last night at 2am, and Asuka uttered “Kimochi warui,” the looks on their faces said it all; they weren’t sure about whether they liked it or not. The truth is, they felt betrayed. They understood a good part of what was said, but on the whole, they didn’t feel like it provided the closure. This begs the question, though: is “closure” owed to us? Do all great animes even have “closure”?

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Christmas break has been good to me. I got lots of presents, I earned money, and my grades weren’t bad either. Beside that, though, I managed to dive neck-deep into a new… err… old anime. But before I launch into my detailed rant about the greatness of classic anime, I would like to announce the addition of a contributor to the blog. In addition to my sparse posts, he’ll be adding his own views of anime, mostly as a newcomer to the genre. I thought he could provide a fresh look at some series anime fans have taken for granted and also find some new ones that they haven’t yet dug up.

That isn’t to say that an old anime fan can’t find series that have collected a pleasant layer of dust on them. On the contrary, over the break I was suddenly possessed to find the anime Touch, a cute and interesting sports/romance/comedy from the widely untapped resources of the 1980s’ anime library. More after the jump…

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Left: The Index in Question, Right: Main Character-san

とある魔術の禁書目録は… *ahem* A Certain Magical Index has a certain magical spark to it. Not quite the same spark as human railguns (since that can be explained by science, supposedly), but more the spark that young, grimoire-carrying nuns have – you know what I’m saying?

Truth is, neither did I. This show intrigued me mostly because of its good reviews on some major sites, but little did I know that I would be treated to a pretty and intriguing show full of twists and turns. I must admit, though, that the atmosphere of the show seems slightly Shakugan no Shana-ish, and thus in my mind a little disappointing in that it might stumble and fall flat on its face if it follows the same kind of badguy-after-badguy plotline without packing a punch. Read More »

It’s finally fall, and as some of you know, a new anime season has started up! Wading through tons of bad or okay anime can be fun in its own right, but I figured I’d throw in a few suggestions.

With that said, though I think I’ll be giving one impression at a time and then following it up in a few weeks with a wrap-up and final thoughts on a series. Today, though, I figured I’d go a little off-beat and show you a series you might not have heard of before: Chaos;Head.

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Gundam 00?! For Halloween?! I love imageboards...

Gundam 00?! For Halloween?! I love imageboards...

Some of you might remember my post on Macross Frontier a while ago. After that post, I really didn’t find the drive to pick the series back up until last week when it finally ended. Though, I have to say that that may have been the best thing I could have done, since it didn’t seem to have enough energy to keep me watching week after week.

However, this wasn’t the only anime I watched… in fact, between the end of Code Geass, which I wrote about earlier, and finally picking up Gundam 00, I’ve found that anime really has brought back the mecha genre in full force.

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I’ve been busy the past two weeks. Between tests, class, and Persona 3, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been negligent of posting on the blog.

Consider this my turning of a new leaf, though. First of all, I’ve like to say how wonderful it is that so many people are actually involved in Animation Society this year. We’re an official organization under the University now, and ~if all goes well~ I think we can have an event very soon. I’ll run it by you guys at our next meeting on Wednesday, where we’ll be watching Shion no Ou (which is surprisingly good) and of course voting on the next showing, which will draw from the genre of mystery/supernatural. Look forward to it!

As I said in the first paragraph, though, I’ve been playing Persona 3, which I have to say has been one of the most amazing experiences of my gaming life. More after the jump. Read More »

Truth be told, I approached this anime with a marked skepticism for its contents. I really didn’t believe it could be much more than a childish Bleach ripoff. However, that’s where I was proven wrong.

Far from being a Bleach ripoff, or anything of the sort (forgetting similarities like shinigamis, blades with personality, etc), it’s actually a rather thoughtful show with a high budget and great art direction. Even if the plot seems a little bit silly at first, the comedy and characters make up for it (who could possibly not love a scythe/boy who constantly talks like he’s a badass?).

In conclusion, you should forgive me for not posting in such a while, especially because I brought you such a nice picture of such a good anime. Watch it!

Invariably, my favorite animes are ones that evoke an emotional response in me, ones that really delve deep into the human psyche and make you root for character’s victories and cry outwardly for their losses. SaiKano is the core of this genre, a shining light at the center of deep human experience, both sadness and joy. I don’t mean to be poetic, I’m just heedlessly extolling the virtues of this short show.

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