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This weekend was amazing as far as movies go. First, my friends and I watched a couple of Asian films including “Old Boy” based on a manga by the same name about… well, revenge, if you get down to it, but its definitely not for the faint of heart or the conservative. That said, it was a masterful piece of cinema.

Another masterful piece of cinema, though, was… I’ll give you a hint:

Is that a new Eva pilot?

Is that a new Eva pilot?

For more on that, take the jump and

Another Mari pic, because I want to see more of her

Another Mari pic, because I want to see more of her

So, if you haven’t yet realized, what I watched, on opening day, giddy with excitement and munching on the first real popcorn I’ve had in months, was none other than Rebuild of Evanglion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance, which, I must say, was one of the most masterful anime films I’ve ever seen. Also, fans of the original will be surprised that this isn’t just a simple retelling of a tired story. No, this is something different.

If you’d like to talk about this with me, please send me an email at zjheines@(nospam) and I’ll discuss the movie with you in full detail, but for those of you waiting for a shaky cam release, all I can say is that I salute you, and whenever the Blu-ray comes out in Japan, I’ll be the first one to have a watch party back in the states.

Because it’s just that beautiful.

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  1. I am glad you got to watch oldboy, i try to spread the word about that movie to my friends and coworkers tellng them how it makes Kill Bill look like sesame street. Its probably my fav movie of all time and ive seen alot of movies lol. Great blog you have here.

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