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Everything is crystallizing.

Simply, going to Japan is finally becoming a reality on something other than paper. Over the past few days, a couple of factors have driven this home:

1) My mother won’t stop bothering me about logistics.

2) I finally got my actual acceptance packet from Ritsumeikan Kyoto.

and, most recently, 3) I’m going to be doing language exchange sessions with a Japanese student at OU whom I am contacting as I write this.

All three of these have weighed on my physche and forced me into the realization that, no, this not just a happy dream; going to Japan is a reality that I am happy to face.

Sure, there will be a language barrier I must overcome despite my years of studying Japanese. Sure, I’m going to be scared and awed by the new environment I’ll be dropped into. Sure, my mom will never stop bothering me, even across 14 time zones.

In a way, though, all of these are comforting: I’ll be able to dive into and appreciate Japanese in a way I never could while wading in the shallow end. I’ll learn to adapt to someplace outside of my realm of experience. I’ll grow to appreciate take solace in my mom’s constant worrying.

And in the end, I’ll probably be sad to go. Not that I don’t love college here and my friends here, but I have a feeling I’ll come to love Japan and all it encompasses and that part of my heart will always be with it, just as part of my heart will always be in Corpus.

That said, although I won’t be leaving for another two months, keep me in your thoughts, and be sure to tell me any suggestions you may have before I leave!


  1. haha I know exactly how you feel on terms of logistics and your mother worrying. And you’ll be gone for how long? the answer to that is not long enough. It baffles me as to the fact that i will be going for a year and have only been studying for a year and you (who is my 先生 in just about anything 日本語 related) are only going for a couple of months! Perhaps you should stay a little longer….maybe meet up with me in japan, hang out, ect.

  2. Dude, I’m going through all the same stuff. Got my visa a couple days ago, ordered plane tickets, gonna get some new luggage… and my mom is doing the exact same routine yours is.

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