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Christmas break has been good to me. I got lots of presents, I earned money, and my grades weren’t bad either. Beside that, though, I managed to dive neck-deep into a new… err… old anime. But before I launch into my detailed rant about the greatness of classic anime, I would like to announce the addition of a contributor to the blog. In addition to my sparse posts, he’ll be adding his own views of anime, mostly as a newcomer to the genre. I thought he could provide a fresh look at some series anime fans have taken for granted and also find some new ones that they haven’t yet dug up.

That isn’t to say that an old anime fan can’t find series that have collected a pleasant layer of dust on them. On the contrary, over the break I was suddenly possessed to find the anime Touch, a cute and interesting sports/romance/comedy from the widely untapped resources of the 1980s’ anime library. More after the jump…



At one point in my love of anime, I fostered a hatred for anime from the 80s. Well, it wasn’t just anime, it extended to music, fashion (I still don’t much care for that facet), and art. In general, because I was a child of the 90s, born on the cusp of that renaissance, I felt like it was my duty to, well, snub everything the 80s threw at me.

Then I learned one day that the 80s weren’t my enemy. They were just a friend who dressed up like my enemy by wearing 80s clothes and a hockey mask. So after the 80s talked me down and stopped me from calling the police on them, I grew fond of them.

Thus, when I found Touch one 70-degree-mid-winter day, I immediately loved it. As I said before, it’s a cute anime about high school and all the things that can happen along the way to growing up. That’s not to say it’s not at least a little campy at times, but because of the characters, it’s forgivable. Let me introduce them:

Tatsuya and Katsuya, twins, have been friends for life with their next-door neighbor, Minami. They played together so often as children that their parents teamed up and made a play-room between the houses just for them. Despite their proximity, however, they end up completely different: Minami and Katsuya have grown into responsible children whereas Tatsuya is the wild child of the bunch, a natural of sorts, who really just coasts by in everything he does.

The premise is simple enough, but the desires of the characters come into play and everything isn’t quite as simple as it seems, which makes this a very subtle anime and refreshing anime. Despite this, there are a couple of problems with this anime that might stand out as glaring faults to even the most avid viewers: the drawing style is very regrettably an 80s style, as you can see from the pictures accompanying this post, and secondly, the plotting is as slow as a glacier drifting down a mountain — sure, it can leave a huge valley on the landscape of your mind if you let it, but you’re going to have to let it slide that it’s been there a million years making its mark.

In the end, those who like it will know why it’s been rated highly in Japan since it was created, and those who don’t… well… won’t. You can watch it on Veoh.

Young love

Young love

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