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A Clannad Christmas

Anyway, after a party, a lot of fun packing, and a 9-hour drive, I find myself in Corpus. Funny how that works.  So here I am, in the interim between semesters (it’s going to be 77 on Christmas!).

Personally, I’m really not doing much except working part-time as a tech at a video production studio and hopefully finishing Persona 4. Other than that, though, I’m biding my time until Christmas, then biding my time until my birthday, which should be fun.

I am, however, lamenting the end of Kannagi, which was my hands-down favorite anime this season. To every end, though, there’s a beginning, which has in this case manifested as a new series by Joss Whedon, called Dollhouse. Also, Battlestar Galactica is finally finishing up, and I’ll be watching that.

That said, I’ll take a moment to ask what everyone else is doing for the break and also ask what anime series, if any, are starting up in this winter season.


  1. I’m a little wary of Dollhouse, personally. I love Whedon, but his stuff is a bit hit-and-miss for me.

    Try not to let Persona 4 take over your life.

  2. check out, its got a ton of links to decent quality streamed anime.

    also, what’s the band+song that plays at the beginning of soul eater?

  3. Brian –

    The first OP of Soul Eater is called “Resonance” and it’s by TM Revolution (TMR).

    Let’s see….for this break, I had lofty goals but it looks like I’m only gonna get two series done for sure (Kanon I finished in a few days, working on Busou Renkin now)
    If i get to it, my plans are:
    Victory Gundam

    and that’s probably it, considering i’m working also part time.

    As for new shows (Winter Season), I’ll be watching
    Maria sama ga Miteru 4th season
    Maria+Holic (just cause everyone else is)
    White Album
    Akikan (maybe)

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