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newSo, wracking my mind for possible shows for the next two weeks at anime club has left me with a couple:

REC – A story about an Audrey Hepburn obsessed voice actress that’s very short, but fairly cute and memorable.

Ah! My Goddess – The original OVA which started it all (after the manga). Refreshing, interesting, and, above all, short, it’s the perfect choice for a quick show.

Finally, we could do a combination of 1 hour shows, one per week. Personally, I’m partial to this combination: 5 cm Per Second one week and then the Love Hina Xmas Special the next.

Tell me what you think.



  1. I agree with your assessment — a couple of one-hour shows would be excellent — it would give us a chance to use something self-contained, which is kind of what the preshow is supposed to be (though Mushishi kind of fell through as far as giving any kind of closure with the ending).

  2. Agreed. All in favor say “aye.” I guess we’ll go with this. The turnout has been underwhelming to say the least… lol.

  3. I guess I have to say “Aye” because that looks like what we’ve been doing (And i got here Late). Is REC and Oh My Goddess going to be suggested after the party?

  4. Guys – I found THE LIST of anime Xmas specials:

    Honey and Clover: Episode 4
    Honey and Clover: Episode 9
    Ichigo Mashimaro: Episode 12
    KamiChu!: Episode 13
    RahXephon Episode 8
    Gintama: Episode 37
    2×2=Shinobuden: Episode 10
    Azumanga Daioh: Episode 17
    Big O: Episode 11
    Chrono Crusade: Episode 13
    Itsudatte My Santa!: Episode 1-2
    Love Hina Movie (Christmas Special)
    Magikano: Episode 11
    Mahoromatic s2: Episode 5
    Prince of Tennis: Episode 165
    Pokemon Christmas Vaction
    Ranma 1/2: Season 6; Episode 13 and OVA 2
    Sailormoon Movie S
    Urusei Yatsura episode: 10
    xxxHOLiC: season 1; episode 19
    Shakugan no Shana II Episode 24
    Rumiko Takahashi Anthology: Episode ??
    Irresponsible Captain Tylor: OVA 6
    Minami-ke: Episode 12
    Lucky Star: Episode 11
    R.O.D the TV: Episode 10
    Kyouran Kazoku Nikki: Episode 21
    Majokko Tsukune-chan: Episode??
    Digimon Adventure 02: Episode 38
    Potemayo: Episode 3
    Hidamari Sketch: Episode 12
    Kanon (All of it is winter/Christmas-y)
    Keroro Gunsou: Episode 39 and 90
    Lupin III: Series 2: Episode 12
    Martian Successor Nadesico: Episode 13
    Excel Saga: Episode 12
    Happy Lesson: OVA 3
    Tokyo Godfathers
    Gundam 0080: Episode 6

    I know you already decided, but just in case! And this is good stuff for an Xmas marathon to get in the mood.
    School Rumble Nigakki: Episode 18

  5. I demand we watch the Pokemon Christmas special!! I DEMAND IT!!

  6. The study abroad blog needs a good page design, my good sir. Any chance of that happening soon?

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