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Left: The Index in Question, Right: Main Character-san

とある魔術の禁書目録は… *ahem* A Certain Magical Index has a certain magical spark to it. Not quite the same spark as human railguns (since that can be explained by science, supposedly), but more the spark that young, grimoire-carrying nuns have – you know what I’m saying?

Truth is, neither did I. This show intrigued me mostly because of its good reviews on some major sites, but little did I know that I would be treated to a pretty and intriguing show full of twists and turns. I must admit, though, that the atmosphere of the show seems slightly Shakugan no Shana-ish, and thus in my mind a little disappointing in that it might stumble and fall flat on its face if it follows the same kind of badguy-after-badguy plotline without packing a punch.

A well-drawn puppet

A well-drawn puppet

Never fear, though, because it seems as if the characters are relatively well designed and, more than that, aren’t pipsqueak moe-inducing, loli-shota fetish characters like Shana (sorry for picking on you Shana fans). My main complaint with Shana, though, was that instead of having strong personalities they had strong fighters and weakly designed caricatures in place of personalities and that irritates me to no end. Toaru Majutsu no Index, on the other hand, doesn’t fall into this trap (at least not right away)- we see from the beginning that the main character, Saji, is a snarky, cynical guy whose coolness rarely coincides with genre male leads.

Left: The high-strung level 5 esper

His supporting cast isn’t at all bad either: a high-strung level 5 esper who’s totally going to fall for Saji, a certain magical index named Index, and a chain-smoking, alcoholic teacher who looks like she’s 7 dot the extras and add a little spice to an already fun premise.

In sum, my verdict for now is that you get on IRC or bittorrent, download it, and watch it! It’s just starting, but oh what a promising start it is!

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