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It’s finally fall, and as some of you know, a new anime season has started up! Wading through tons of bad or okay anime can be fun in its own right, but I figured I’d throw in a few suggestions.

With that said, though I think I’ll be giving one impression at a time and then following it up in a few weeks with a wrap-up and final thoughts on a series. Today, though, I figured I’d go a little off-beat and show you a series you might not have heard of before: Chaos;Head.

First and foremost I must mention that, like many great anime, Chaos;Head was originally a visual novel. For those who don’t know, visual novels are basically limitedly interactive video games usually culminating in a romantic denouement (read: sex) with one of the girls in the story. Obviously, depending on your choices trhoughout you’ll get a good or bad ending with one of the main girls.

Chaos;Head, though, has an odd system in that the choices are less “stated choices” and more “mood choices” basically choosing the delusion your character will face in the coming moments. In other words, it’s like playing as a psycho.

Here’s where the anime comes in. How does one suggest delusions and psychotic visions? Well, without the conceit of choice, the director is only left with the visual elements of a show. Because of this, Chaos;Head ends up being a surreal experience, full of hilarity and weird stuff alike. I mean, what do you expect from an anime that starts off with the otaku main character lying a pile of rubble and then being kissed by a girl while a blade is pointed at his heart?

In other words, if you’re into the off-beat, slightly disturbing anime, this one’s your replacement for “School Days,” but if you aren’t into that… well, wait for my next suggestion and stay away from this one.

My thoughts: color me intrigued, I’ll continue watching at least for a little while to see where the series is going.

Oh, and before I forget, since 10/10 (十月十日)was the date recently, I’ll give you a belated moe (萌え) day present.

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  1. Moe Day is a holiday? It’s amazing the things you can learn on the internet!

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