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Monthly Archives: September 2008



I’ve been busy the past two weeks. Between tests, class, and Persona 3, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been negligent of posting on the blog.

Consider this my turning of a new leaf, though. First of all, I’ve like to say how wonderful it is that so many people are actually involved in Animation Society this year. We’re an official organization under the University now, and ~if all goes well~ I think we can have an event very soon. I’ll run it by you guys at our next meeting on Wednesday, where we’ll be watching Shion no Ou (which is surprisingly good) and of course voting on the next showing, which will draw from the genre of mystery/supernatural. Look forward to it!

As I said in the first paragraph, though, I’ve been playing Persona 3, which I have to say has been one of the most amazing experiences of my gaming life. More after the jump. Read More »

Truth be told, I approached this anime with a marked skepticism for its contents. I really didn’t believe it could be much more than a childish Bleach ripoff. However, that’s where I was proven wrong.

Far from being a Bleach ripoff, or anything of the sort (forgetting similarities like shinigamis, blades with personality, etc), it’s actually a rather thoughtful show with a high budget and great art direction. Even if the plot seems a little bit silly at first, the comedy and characters make up for it (who could possibly not love a scythe/boy who constantly talks like he’s a badass?).

In conclusion, you should forgive me for not posting in such a while, especially because I brought you such a nice picture of such a good anime. Watch it!

…not quite self evident, but highly influential to the survival of our club as an official organization. As many of you saw, the officers have been working on defining positions and drafting a new constitution for the Animation and Comics Society.

With that in mind, I promised Nate a link. This post isn’t all seriousness, though, as there are always fun and games to be had in anything regarding anime, especially considering that you have chosen Honey and Clover as your main showing for the next week. I certainly won’t ruin it for you, but as usual, I’d like to include a picture…

Actually, though, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’d really like to hear what you want from this blog. Don’t be afraid to just shout out your random hopes for my blogging. I know when I cruise the blogosphere, I usually love the hi-res pictures, so I’ve included those. I also like witty and interesting posts, and I’ve tried to fulfill that aspect. Get involved, tell me your thoughts!

Finally, we’re going to show you our finished constitution next meeting and incorporate your ideas into it. My post about hopes for the school year still applies in that I really hope we can breathe new life into this club, because anime, as we all know, is a way of life, and it would be a shame not to have this club to help us spread the word.