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Invariably, my favorite animes are ones that evoke an emotional response in me, ones that really delve deep into the human psyche and make you root for character’s victories and cry outwardly for their losses. SaiKano is the core of this genre, a shining light at the center of deep human experience, both sadness and joy. I don’t mean to be poetic, I’m just heedlessly extolling the virtues of this short show.

I wonder if this anime is really for the people who have a weak constitution as far as whirlwind-like dramas go… viewers are swept up quickly and inexorably in the story and strewn wherever their own experience leaves them. The story itself is heartbreaking, the problems are common, if slightly masochistic, and the core of the story, the couple that persists through the impossible to find love, is universal. What makes it even more touching is the rawness of the whole situation, the undisguised fact that war is ugly and that even the beautiful things in life are sometimes absolutely overshadowed by its viciousness and impersonality.

So, check it out. You really don’t have much to lose… well, if you’re a guy then you have to put away your gundam action figures and actually try to feel for a character for once… but that’s okay, you can do it! 頑張って!

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