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Monthly Archives: August 2008

I think I’m going to post my top 5 anime theme songs of all time…

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Invariably, my favorite animes are ones that evoke an emotional response in me, ones that really delve deep into the human psyche and make you root for character’s victories and cry outwardly for their losses. SaiKano is the core of this genre, a shining light at the center of deep human experience, both sadness and joy. I don’t mean to be poetic, I’m just heedlessly extolling the virtues of this short show.

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I know you all who cruise the site are familiar with lurking… because you do it way too much! I want comments, heated discussions, all out arguments about romance animes! I don’t care, as long as you keep it SFW.

Here: I’ll even give you a nice picture to coax you out!

I know, I know. Pointing this out to you is like saying that your time of happiness is coming to an end, but then again, you get to look forward to a new year of anime showings and the general feeling of joy contained therein! So be happy.



Moreover, I want to get everyone involved in ACS this year, so in the next week or two, I’m going to be posting some t-shirt designs I’ve done myself for the club. I don’t know if you guys will visit the blog until school starts, so we’ll vote on them at the first or second club meeting if all goes well. (Update: I need to settle in a little bit, so they’ll be a little later)

As usual, I encourage you to talk to me about any concerns you have about the club or anything that you want to see in the near future of our glorious society. First on the agenda is regaining our official status and starting a tradition of monthly gaming tournaments with small prizes and special showings to keep people involved.

I hope you guys had a great summer and I’ll see you at school!